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Ayana Kurung Modern Full Set Batik Selasih Undirectional Cotton Poplin in Blue Ash

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RM 270.00
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RM 300.00
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RM 270.00

'Ayana' our newly launched Kurung Modern is a long,slim fit kurung top with skirt worn especially for this Eid. Darts at the front and back of the kurung top to give your figure a more enhanced, sharp look. Designed for women who want to look glamorous in simple Batikwear that can be worn with minimal accessories for a twist of traditional and modesty.

Made from batik fabric that is breathable and easy to wash and iron, Ayana is here to keep you cool and dry all day long


     Everyday we celebrate the language of flowers in life. From symbolism to they way they speak to our senses, when it comes to the botanical kingdom, our eyes feasts on it's beauty and all the floral goodnesss is enjoyed in each breath. As we revel in the art of floristry into our batikmaking, we feel flowers growing and blossoming, "healing" our soul. Introducing our first 2023 Batik Collection called "Penawar" which means healing and rejuvenating oneself to embrace life in a positive way.

     Handmade Batiks tells the true story of the celebration of cultural and natural heritage that will awaken the heart and stir the passion of Batiklovers from around the world who value the fate of the craft that we make.


     Selasih (Ocimum basilicumalso) is a culinary herb of the family Lamiaceae (mints). The generic term "basil" refers to the variety also known as Sweet Basil or Genovese Basil including Sweet basil, Thai basil in Asia. The name "Basil" comes from the Latin basilius, and the Greek believed to have used Basil in production of Royal perfumes. Basil is likewise sometimes referred to in French as "l'herbe royale" ('the royal herb. The Latin name has been confused with basilisk, as it was supposed to be an antidote to the basilisk's venom.  

     Basil leaves are richly green and ovate, but otherwise come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes depending on cultivarA tender plant and is most commonly used Mediterranean basil cultivars are "Genovese", "Purple Ruffles", "Mammoth", "Cinnamon", "Lemon", "Globe", and "African Blue". Basil is one of the main ingredients in pesto, an Italian sauce with olive oil and basil as its primary ingredients. Many national cuisines use fresh or dried basils in soups and other foods, such as to thicken soups. Basil is commonly steeped in cream or milk to create flavor in ice cream or truffles. Lemon basil has a strong lemony smell and flavor due to the presence of citral. It is widely used in Asia, where it is called “Kemangin” and served raw as an accompaniment to meat or fish

     Batik Selasih is made from a single Batik Brass. To define this perennial,  herbaceous plant as a motif, we have included a thick, central taproot. Its flowers are small and grow from central inflorescence or spike that emerges from the central stem atop the plant. Symbolic and elegant, that’s our Batik Selasih, our second motif from the Penawar 2023 Batik Collection!

Ayana Kurung Moden Full Set 

Size Measurement in Inches


Shoulders 15

Bust 40

Armhole 18

Slevee length 21

Top length 36

Elasticated  Skirt 

Waist 26

Hips 42

Skirt length 39

Size Measurement in Inches


Shoulders 17

Bust 44

Armhole 20

Slevee length 23

Top length 38

Elasticated  Skirt 

Waist 30

Hips 46

Skirt length 41

- Cotton Poplin material
- Handwash, and Machinewash
- Made in Kampung Serada, Kuala Terengganu

Understanding our Batik products

1. Please understand that our products are handmade, hand dyed and handpainted in Kampung Serada, Kuala Terengganu.

2. Products sold by Nysakapas may or may not contain natural and unnatural defects due to the natural environment of Kampung Serada and techniques of batikmaking such as unevenness in colour tones, lines and spots. If you are not satisfied with the products you received, do contact us through our email [email protected]

3.Our dyes are made in different batches. The results in colouring are not the same and may vary as much as 30% from one colour to the other.

4.We aim to produce good quality batiks and hope that you may consider the imperfections of the works of our art.

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