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Raya Batik Box (Set B)

RM 150.00

Raya Batik Box

Introducing our 2021 Raya Batik Box especially for Eid and Ramadhan! A box filled with handmade goodness that showcases our artisanal touch in the art of giving. This box is made from 100% recycled paper that is of good quality due to it's thickness. Comes with a variety of Nysakapas Batik Motifs in selected tones that will leave you suprised as how little things can bring so much simplcity, joy and love with our great craftsmanship!

List of products included in this box:

1. 1 set of Raya Card made from recycled paper, no written note *

*Remarks: If you would like this Raya Card written by us with a note from you, do leave your message note at the Checkout "Remarks" section.

2.5 sets of Raya Packets made from recycled paper

3.1 set of Batik Sarong Apron Lil Bunga Mauve, Cotton Poplin

4.1 set of Batik Tote Bag Big Bunga in Nude Pink , Cotton Poplin

5.1 set of Batik Segitiga Pouch in Black, Canvas

5.1 set of 7 pieces  Kurma Ajwa from Medina in Batik Tied Pouch Alam in Azul Blue, Cotton Poplin

Size and measurements in inches:

Box Size: 

Width: 9

Length: 7

Height : 3.5

1. Please understand that our products are handmade, hand dyed and handpainted in Kampung Serada, Kuala Terengganu.

2. Products sold by Nysakapas may or may not contain natural and unnatural defects due to the natural environment of Kampung Serada and techniques of batikmaking such as unevenness in colour tones, lines and spots. If you are not satisfied with the products you received, do contact us through our email

3.Our dyes are made in different batches. The results in colouring are not the same and may vary as much as 30% from one colour to the other.

4.We aim to produce good quality batiks and hope that you may consider the imperfections of the works of our art.

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