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Kiah Kurung Kedah Full Set Batik Cengkeh Full Set Cotton Poplin in Telaga

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HIAS 2022

HIAS 2022 is all about old, Traditional Motifs from the past that is found in the art of Traditional Woodcarving or "Seni Ukiran Kayu Tradisional". Motifs in the past from the East Coast of Malaysia are strongly influenced by Islamic beliefs. From Floral to Geometrical Islamic designs, each carved element has symbolic meanings in their positioning and symmetry that reflects the social life of the Terengganu "Kampung" people.

We believe in preserving Traditional Motifs and by discovering their beauty and essence, we want to showcase it through our handmade batiks. Because batiks exists to tell the true story of the celebration of cultural and natural heritage that will awaken the heart and stir the passion of our fellow Malaysians and all Batiklovers from around the world who value the fate of the craft that we make


The Aromatic Flower Bud that changed the world's tongue

The clove tree is an evergreen that grows up tall with large leaves and crimson flowers grouped in terminal clusters. The flower buds initially have a pale hue, gradually turn green, then transition to a bright red when ready for harvest.

It consist of a long calyx that terminates in four spreading sepals, and four unopened petals that form a small central ball.

"Cengkeh" is the Malay word for Clove. And this is an image of Traditional Woodcarving Door with a motif inspired by this amazing spice

Cotton Poplin Range
Our Kain Batik Lepas Cotton Poplin range is simply easy to wear. The Cotton is soft, crispy as well as durable. Ironing and washing made easy, handblocked batiks using this fabric can be made into all kinds of clothing, sarongs and interior purposes such as tablecloths, runners, pillowcases and even bags! Great for kids too!

Kiah Kurung Kedah Full Set 

For our Kiah Kurung Kedah, we wanted to create a traditional, loose fit appeal in our handmade batik prints which could be paired with your favourite coordinating pants or skirt for a more stylish look!

Size Measurement in Inches


Shoulders 15

Bust 47

Armhole 18

Slevee length 19

Top length 27

Elasticated  Skirt 

Waist 30

Hips 40

Skirt length 40

Size Measurement in Inches


Shoulders 18

Bust 51

Armhole 18

Slevee length 20

Top length 29

Elasticated  Skirt 

Waist 35

Hips 45

Skirt length 40

- Cotton Poplin material
- Handwash, and Machinewash
- Made in Kampung Serada, Kuala Terengganu

Understanding our Batik products

1. Please understand that our products are handmade, hand dyed and handpainted in Kampung Serada, Kuala Terengganu.

2. Products sold by Nysakapas may or may not contain natural and unnatural defects due to the natural environment of Kampung Serada and techniques of batikmaking such as unevenness in colour tones, lines and spots. If you are not satisfied with the products you received, do contact us through our email [email protected]

3.Our dyes are made in different batches. The results in colouring are not the same and may vary as much as 30% from one colour to the other.

4.We aim to produce good quality batiks and hope that you may consider the imperfections of the works of our art.

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