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The "new" language of batiks may break the barrier of traditional handblocked batiks in Malaysia. With our very own experiments, we get to form a certain visual study on the impact of freshly, reinterpreted batiks as wearable art. For months, we have replenish our ways of making batiks simply because we want solutions that are easier to handle, bringing the best in craftsmanship. From a tiny drop of wax, each layer of our handblocked pieces are meticulously made by our artisans which we often describe as "cathartic" - bringing together science; design and art in a textile medium. Nysakapas is inspired by laid back "kampung" lifestyle with a modern approach. A Malaysian , locally handmade batiks that is super comfy, creatively made with fresh, modern batik motifs that is contemporary and unique. We exists to bring new meaning and purposes to the art, modernising old techniques to improve and strengthen our skills in batikmaking and at the same time, protecting our artisan future.